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For a long time having a “good selection” might have meant three or four options of something, side by side on a shelf in a store. We started Homekaya because we saw an opportunity to give everyone more options. Bringing shopping for home online means we don’t need to worry about how many sofas we can fit in a store, which benefits the customer with the power of choice. 

Through our suppliers, we select products that are in high demand and acquire them at the source, on a large scale. We are able to influence the design and packaging of these products, which allows us to optimize them for the whole supply chain, and ultimately offer them to our customers for a very reasonable price. This has given us the opportunity to not only provide free shipping on all orders, but back it up with excellent customer service.


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Our customer service team is ready for your inquiry. Shoot us a message on care@homekaya.com We aim to respond to all e-mails within two business days.

You can always assume that shipping and delivery are 100% free, regardless of whether you buy a tiny wall shelf, a huge bedroom furniture set or some scandinavian kitchen chairs.

Was the product not what you expected? No problem! We will send you the return labels and all you will need to do is take the product to a UPS drop-off point. Because that is good customer service.